Strummercamp Cancelled

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Hope everyone is surviving these strange days.. It’ll come as no surprise that we have had to make the decision to cancel this years Strummercamp. We were hoping to wait as long as possible to see if it was possible but everything is against us. We’re a small event and there are many people in much worse situations than us, many who have lost money and even possibly been finished off. We’ll obviously be refunding any ticket money, with a plan to work out a date for an all day event at the rugby club later in the summer. Also we are going ahead with the merch, t shirts etc for this years ‘Sandinista themed’ weekend, hope many of you will grab them as they’ll be very limited.. Apologies and thanks to all of you volunteering and making plans, booking flights, hotels etc but I’m sure you all understand.. Please share this or let anybody know that may not be on social media.. We’ll have a big meet up soon when this is all over, look forward to seeing you all.. Stay safe & Stay Free!!… ✌🏼❤️✊🏻